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Master Hsing Yung

Founder of FoGuangShan

Founder of B.L.I.A.

A Discussion about Ghosts
Buddhist Perspective on Cause and Condition
The Buddhist Perspective on Life and Destiny
The Buddhist Perspective on Magic and the Supernatural
Buddhist Perspective on Time and Space
Buddhism's View on Deeds and Behaviors
Buddhism's View on the Wheel of Rebirth
The Diamond Sutra and the Study of Wisdom and Emptiness
Essence of Ch'an
The Great Buddha
On Becoming a Bodhisattva
When We Die

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Ven. Hsin Ting
Abbot of FoKuang Shan
Buddhism for the Perfection of This Life

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Ven. Tzu Hui
Director of FoKuangShan
Director of Education Affairs, FoKuangShan

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Ven. Tzu Jung
Abbess of Hsi Lai Temple
Secretary General of B.L.I.A.


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Ven. Yi Kong
Director of Culture Affairs, FoKuangShan